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July 25, 2009


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best mattress

Really nice blog and really astonishing. I regularly visit this blog. thanks a lot


Thanks for this tutorial. It looks great. I saw the pants on flickr and was waiting by the computer for you to put up the tutorial. (Well, it wasn't quite that dramatic.) Just finished Inkheart and am on to the next one. Loved the Time Travelers Wife. And did you hear about this new series?,0,1493693.story

Aunt LoLo

Groundsel sent me, from Twitter...and I'm so happy! I've been REALLY wanting to make myself a pair of short PJ pants. So...I think I'll be shortening your pattern. ;-)

Thanks, again!


Oh yes, now we're talking. I have several pairs of something very similar (I think I may even have a matching pillowcase for your sheet in my stash) I can definitely vouch for their comfiness! I look forward to trying your version!


amazing pants!!!! i love wear pj pants all day! of course not every day, but i enjoy to much the sundays when we don't get out of bed. thanks for sharing!

ps. was a nice surprise to know that you visit my blog!


You're too funny, lol! I'm still not finished The Time Traveler's Wife and need to quickly. The movie comes out next month. I enjoyed Inkheart, it took me a bit longer to work through Inkspell (I blame the move...for everything ;) and I'm still not finished Inkdeath. One day though. That show looks very interesting...I'll definitely check it out! Thanks for the heads up.


Aunt LoLo,

Yeah for Simone and twitter. She does such a great job. I love the idea of shortening the PJ pants!! Send me pics when done :)



Several pairs? you are a lucky girl. Oh and I love that top you made with the retro sheet. So cool!



Thanks! I hope the tutorial works out great for you. Sundays in bed are the best. I enjoyed reading your blog :)


oooo... i have been looking for just such a pair of pants. now if i can get my hands on some heather bailey fabric to make them out of, i am a happy gorl.


haha, i meant "girl". but i could be a gorl, too, i guess...


I love the photo of your vintage linens stash! Thanks for the Tute! This summer - when I do get to the sewing machine - it's been all old linens...tried a peasant nursing top - which turned out much better as a dress for Selah.

as per the tin of cocoa - i'm not sure if blogspot sends updates of the comments so, copy and pasted: "When my parents inherited the cottage - most everything was left including that tin which had rarely(if at all) been used! Honestly, I don't know how old it is, my assumption is that it is from the 60's. I wasn't going to try any - the lid had spots of rust on it - "can cocoa go bad?" my mom asked. I pryed the can open and the shiny metal inside looked like I bought it yesturday! I am a cocoa fan, we buy it organic, from my food co-op...i've tried all kinds - but this by far was the BEST....could it be that aged cocoa tastes better than fresh? My mom's thoughts are that it was just better quality."


Heather Bailey fabric sounds happy gorl, ;)



old linens are the best when you can find them...hence my stash. It represents many trips to the thrift store.

that is one crazy old tin of cocoa. that is amazing that the rust did not go inside the can. I'm thinking that most things get better with age...and I'm holding onto that idea tightly because next month will be my birthday.

i'm going to email you about your food co-op.

Karen Bryce

Comfy looking pants! Thanks for the pattern-I'll try it soon. Will go perfect with Betz White's shirred top tutorial on I'm looking forward to some comfy P.J.s!


ah, this is just the thing I need, I have been meaning to make one of these for ages! And this is just the thing I need after an 11-hour-car-trip back home from Transylvania with my family :-)
Thanks, will make one!

Clever Karen

Oh, thanks for the instructions! Yea! I made pjs from vintage sheets this summer, too. Here's my version:

Clever Karen

oh, and I forgot to add, I have that same exact yellow sheet that you used!


OMG! This material is what i have had as a comfort blanket virtually my entire life! Sadly, im almost 30 now and the material basically disintergrated. If any of you lovely ladies know where i could source some of this material i would be forever grateful. Or perhap someone could put some on an ebay auction and post the link here? I do anything to get hold of some!!


Thanks for sharing a fun pattern. I have been looking for something just like this. I appreciate your taking the time to put this together. Have a lovely day!

Peggie Sue

Great pattern and WOW - I really DIG you vintage linen closet!!! I'd kill for that stash!


That fabric is to die for - there isn't a better pj pant fabric out there I don't think. Lovely.

Julie Bouésso

OK, it's on my to-do-list, Tamara! I actually put some pillows aside the other day to make-over into lounge shorts! I'll use your tutorial though - I am sure it will help a LOT! :-) Cheers, Julie


I'm going to look for that Betz White tutorial asap! thanks for the heads up Karen :)


Oh happy to assist in the addictive cycle and after an 11 hour car trip you need a good sewing reprieve.

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