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August 12, 2009


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To answer your question ... I don't!! Ha!


Love the caddies. We have a small home without a lot of room, so I keep each child's supplies in a tote with a lid that we can store on a shelf and then get out when it's time to create. Here in the US, the sales are on for school supplies...which I love. Hooray for fresh pencils, crayons, and markers. Best wishes.


I've been to your home and I think I remember an area dedicated to the storage/organization of supplies...are you telling a fib?



The tote and lid is a great idea!
We used to do that when the kids were pretty little so we didn't incur accidents along the way like marker on the walls/floor but now that they are a bit older the accessibility works well for us. I still love the tote and lid though :)

We just stocked up on fresh markers this past week, the back to school supplies are everywhere.

Have a happy day!

Jody Fusello

I love your art caddy with the lazy susan!

Can you tell me where you bought them? I can't find them anywhere!!!

Thank you!


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